Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Late night in the studio.

Just packing it in for the evening after spending about four hours putting down some quick works on paper. I have no idea what will become of any of these, but I like painting sometimes with the attitude that what I'm working on are just sketches. No pressure to achieve anything great. Just paint fast, don't stop and whatever happens, happens. Actually, I would love to paint like that all the time, but it's something I'm still working toward.

Working out some ideas in my 9x12 inch mixed media sketchbook.

Another quick idea in the 9x12 inch mixed media sketchbook.

Trying out some ideas on American Masters printmaking paper 22x30 inches. The individual sheets were 60% off, so I picked up 30 sheets. I should probably get more. I love this paper for painting because of the smooth finish and the fact that it holds up really well to water media. Very little buckling. Still, I put down a coat of gesso, mixed with a bit of matte medium.

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