Friday, March 16, 2012

(Mostly) Removing Color.

In order to spend more time focusing on form and composition, I have been working primarily with black, white and a few neutral gray tones. It's actually a nice break to be able to narrow my focus a bit, and it also has me more objectively considering the role color plays in my works. As it stands, I'm feeling as though my work could use a bit more subtlety when it comes to my use of color. We'll see how things progress.

4 small 18x24 inch works on paper with very little color.

 An actual painting, 24x30 inches, inspired by the above exercises. This piece had already begun with a lot of saturated color, so I thought it would make an interesting background for what I now wanted to do. The bits of color remaining are simply areas that were not completely covered up, and provide a nice hint of color, while keeping it a very secondary element.

Okay, now some color is really creeping back in. Time to take it back a notch, or two.


  1. Wow! Your work is amazing! I found your blog, and I'm definitely inspired!

  2. Thanks Michelle and Ophelia. I'm so bad at keeping things up on my blog, and am forever vowing to become more prolific on here. It's going to happen soon, I can feel it :-)